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Chances are not everyone on your team works in the same location. They’re probably not all even in the same city, and at least some of your coworkers are probably on the road. Obviously, you can’t let the fact that you’re all not working side by side slow your team’s progress. In this modern era, you need a team messaging application.

But is a messaging capability all you should get from a team messaging app? Of course not. Your team also needs to track tasks, share and annotate files, monitor alerts from several important apps, and even hold an impromptu video chat now and then. Everyone on your team should be able to do all of these things in the same unified app, which they should be able to access no matter where they are, no matter what devices they have handy. That’s why we built the RingCentral app with Glip’s team collaboration features.

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  • The team messaging app with superior functionality
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The team messaging app with superior functionality 

It’s more like a team messaging, calendar, task management, file sharing, screen sharing, and video chat app. (But it’s a lot easier just to say team messaging application.)

Today, you and your team have lots of ways to communicate: email, SMS texting, maybe you have an online meeting service. You might even have a company intranet or wiki. And perhaps you have an instant messaging app for quick questions or informal chats with coworkers. If anything, you already have too many ways to connect with your team. 

So, here’s the question: Do you really want an app just for team messaging?

At RingCentral, we’ve helped literally thousands of teams at organizations like yours all over the world. Experience tells us your team doesn’t want more apps to keep track of—you want fewer apps that do more.

Which is why our application is a true team collaboration workhorse. In fact, you can think of Glip as a unified online platform for messaging, task management, file sharing and annotation, a team calendar, video chat, and screen sharing. It’s only disguised as a team messaging app.

Add new task feature

If all you get is messaging from your team messaging app, your team is missing out. 

The core of Glip is a text chat platform, but that is just one of a half-dozen types of “team messaging” you’ll find yourself and your coworkers using the app for.

For example, maybe your team message will be in the form of a link or a file you want to share with a few specific coworkers in a private chat group you’ve set up. No problem. You can drag and drop either a link or any type of file—document, spreadsheet, presentation file, video clip, audio clip, image, etc.—right into that Glip team, and your teammates will be able to access it anytime.

Or perhaps the message you have for your team will be a new task or event you’ve created and want to share with a different set of colleagues in a different Glip team. With Glip’s integrated task management tool, you can create a new task and share it with your team so they can monitor its progress and alert the coworker you’ve assigned it to.

At other times, you might have a message for your team in the form of an important alert from another app your business relies on, such as a notification from your e-commerce platform that a customer has just signed up for your newsletter or maybe an alert from your bug tracking app that a user has submitted a new trouble ticket. No problem. Because Glip integrates with dozens of popular apps and lets you create your own integrations, you can have Glip pull these alerts automatically into whichever teams or conversations you choose. This will let you get these important messages to your teams, without having to keep checking in with these other apps.

Team messaging for work on the go 

If your team can’t access all of your app’s collaboration features from the road, you need a better app.

Imagine you roll out what seems like a cool team messaging application for your global team. It has a real-time chat platform (with emojis) and some limited file sharing capability. 

But to fully collaborate on projects your team regularly works on, you also need to use separate apps for task management, a shared team calendar, and collaboration on files. (Your team messaging app lets you upload files to your chat group, but you have to edit and add notes to those files using a different tool.)

You and your coworkers aren’t happy about having to jump in and out of different apps all day—from your messaging app, to your file editing app, to your project management app, then to an online meeting app for a quick video chat. But you’ve developed a system to keep your team’s projects moving forward. So far, so good.

Until a couple of your team members have to go on the road, and they quickly realize that the mobile version of your team messaging app doesn’t have all of the functionality of the desktop version. Then your team members realize they can’t easily share, download, or view files through the messaging app.

This is why our team messaging app offers all of these collaboration features on any device. 

Scenarios like this are exactly why we developed Glip. We know your team is scattered across offices, maybe time zones, maybe even continents, and everyone is always on the move. Just because you can’t use your desktop computer shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice any functionality of your team messaging app—which, by the way, should include a robust set of collaboration tools beyond just team messaging.

Your team messaging app should be able to upload a file, create a task, add a calendar event, start a video chat, share your screen, invite a guest, create a new chat group, and of course send your team a message (with emojis and GIFs) from your computer, tablet, or phone. And you can do all of these functions with Glip.

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