Task management to unlock your team’s potential 

Task management, get it done with Glip

Sure, RingCentral is a great app to pull your team together online for real-time messaging, but what happens when those team conversations lead to tasks? Does your team have to leave their Glip conversation to create and assign those action items using a different project management app? And will you all have to keep checking in with that other app to view the status of each other’s tasks and to update your own? Nope, and nope.

Your Glip workspace has sophisticated task management built right in. You can easily create, assign, share, and track tasks in any team or conversation. It’s one more way the RingCentral app helps your team go from to-dos to done.

Task management, get it done with Glip

Task management in just a few clicks

Glip makes it so easy to create a new task that the only way we could make it easier is to let you do it telepathically. (And we admit, we’re not quite there.) How easy is it? In Tasks, click New Task, give it a name, assign it, and click Post Task. And that’s the long way! This page will show you shortcuts to creating and managing Glip tasks in as little as three clicks.

Task management in just a few clicks

Lots of task management options in Glip

Task management tools work only if you can use them in ways that make sense to you. Maybe you’re visual and want a calendar view, or maybe you’d prefer your tasks in a list form. Maybe you want to view all tasks at once, or perhaps you want to see only tasks for one project or team at a time. Whichever way you like to manage tasks, Glip has you covered.

Lots of task management options in Glip

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  • Ridiculously easy task management
  • Cool stuff you can do with Glip task management

Who says managing tasks has to feel like a chore? 

Isn’t it frustrating when a productivity tool gives you almost all of the functionality you need to get a job done but not quite everything? It’s the great stock-photo site that won’t let you resize an image before you download it. It’s the online file-sharing app that doesn’t save your team’s revision history. And it’s the real-time messaging app that doesn’t also let you create and track tasks.

We’ve been there, just like you. Those apps drive us mad too.

That’s why we designed Glip to serve as a one-stop workspace for all of your team’s online collaboration needs, including task management. When your online conversations with your Glip teams lead to requests and action items, you can turn those into trackable tasks right away. And you won’t have to leave Glip to create and track those tasks in another project management app.

Who says managing tasks has to feel like a chore?

Turn your message into the new task! 

Ready for the coolest feature you’ll hear about today? Let’s say you wrote “I’ll draft the sales plan outline” in your Glip conversation, and now you want to turn that into a task. You don’t even need to go to Tasks in your Glip workspace. You can just hover over the message, click the + icon on the right side of the message bar, and that will bring up the New Task box; this time with the task already named “I’ll draft the sales plan outline.”

Now you’ve got a new task on the books, and you never had to leave the conversation. Cool, right?

Okay, so what else can you do with Glip task management? Plenty, but we’ll control our enthusiasm here and just give you a few of the highlights.

Let’s say you’re in a conversation with a Glip team discussing a new sales initiative, and you agree to take the first stab at outlining the broad steps of the plan. You’ll want to get that task onto your agenda immediately with a tracking system that you can use to remind yourself and let your team monitor your progress. So, how do you do it?  

Here are a couple of ridiculously simple options:

Hover over Tasks in the left pane and click on the + icon.

That’ll bring up a New Task box where you can give your task a name, assign it (in this case, to yourself), and set a due date. You can do other cool things at this stage, like color code the task and attach any relevant files. But if you want to keep it simple, you can create this task and get it on your radar in about five seconds.

This is all great information for keeping you updated on the progress your team is making on the task and for holding team members accountable for their work on the task or, ahem, promises they’ve made that might need a gentle reminder.

4. Color code your tasks. 
One of the coolest features of Glip’s task management is color coding because it gives you yet another way to easily arrange and view various tasks on your list. You can color code your tasks based on their importance or urgency—say, green for low priority, yellow for medium importance, and red for “DO THIS ASAP!” Or you can simply color code tasks according to category—for example, blue for documents to draft and green for reviewing and editing those documents.  

Establishing a color-coding system will give you a more immediate sense of what’s on your agenda and how to allocate your time and energy.
5. Assign tasks to yourself.

Finally, you can use Glip’s task management tool to track your own to-do items in Glip. You don’t need to share these tasks with anyone on your team, but since you’re in Glip for much of your workday anyway, it’ll be a great place to create and track the action items you’ve set for yourself.

Five ways Glip’s task management can make your work (and your life) easier

1. Create a task right in a shared file or image you’re viewing in Glip. 
Let’s say you’re viewing a shared document or presentation file in your Glip workspace and an idea occurs to you. Maybe you want to ask someone on your team to research something you see in the file. Do you have to close out of the file and go back to your Glip dashboard to create that task? Nope.

Just click on the area of the file you want to reference in your task and a pin with a reply box will drop there. Click on the + icon next to the reply box to create and assign a new task.

2. Get a snapshot view of your pending Glip tasks anytime.
Another great feature of the Glip task management tool is that it gives you so many ways to organize and view your tasks.

Filtering your tasks is a great way to get a snapshot view of your most important projects and assignments.

In Tasks, you can filter to view only tasks associated with a specific project, only tasks assigned by certain people or teams, or display your pending tasks by due date.

3. Use the task’s detailed view to track progress and keep your team accountable.
When you’re managing a Glip task that involves multiple team members, you can pop open the task’s detailed view in the right pane anytime for helpful information, such as who has replied to the task and what they’ve said, who has viewed the task, and who has edited it and when.

It’s a lot more than creating a task and setting the due date. 

In one sense, web-based task management tools are a lot like physical journals or notebooks. They’re very personal items that are effective only if they reflect the unique personalities of their users. Some people prefer the simple spiral-bound notebooks they used in grade school. Others feel like they can’t jot down a single good idea unless they have one of those fancy leather-bound journals.

That’s why Glip designed our task management tool to be so flexible. We want to make sure that you’ll find just the right way to make it work for you. 

View your tasks in a calendar by clicking on the Calendar section in the left pane.

Use a task as a repeating calendar item (every day, week, month, etc.). 

Display your task management center pane with as much detail as you prefer—showing assignee due date and even time of day, if applicable, task start date, the conversation the task is associated with, color, etc.

Arrange tasks by dragging and dropping them in the task management center pane.

Click the Glip (speech box) icon in a task anytime to trace it back to the conversation where it was first posted.

“Like” or bookmark a task, or pin it to the shelf of any conversation (where everyone will be able to view it).

Here are just some of the ways you can customize your Glip task management tool: 

Turn a message in a Glip conversation into a task.

Create a task right in a shared file you’re viewing in Glip.

Track a task’s productivity by simply updating the status from incomplete to complete or by assigning a percentage to various subtasks.

Add comments and even maintain an entire conversation right in a task’s detailed view.

Reopen a completed task anytime by simply updating its status to incomplete (which will notify everyone on that task).

Color code your tasks.

Move any task from its current team or project to another with the Move icon in the task’s details pane.




Pivotal Tracker


Whether you use Glip’s in-app task management tool or pull in task updates and notifications from a third-party app, your Glip workspace can serve as your team’s online hub for taking your tasks from the to-do list to done.

Third-party apps make Glip task management even more robust.

Okay, so what else can you do with Glip task management? Plenty, but we’ll control our enthusiasm here and just give you a few of the highlights.

Here are just some of the many project management, issue-tracking, and task management apps that you can integrate directly into your Glip workspace:



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