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Why teams and businesses prefer Glip to Skype

Skype made a name for itself as the app to use when you wanted to make a long-distance phone call, even overseas, for free. Skype is still a solid resource for internet-based calls, but the team messaging app they’ve rolled out falls short of the robust collaboration platform you’re probably looking for.

What does collaboration mean to you and your team? We’re guessing it means not only real-time online chat and group video calls, but so much more, such as:

Integrated task management so your team can assign work and track progress. 

The ability to annotate files so you can make suggestions or edits in the app without altering the original file. 

A shared calendar that everyone in your group can see and update. 

The ability to pull in notifications from other apps your team uses. 

Glip includes all of these features, plus lots of others—and they’re all free

So much more team collaboration than Skype

When comparing Skype to Glip, you need to remember Skype began purely as a voice (and later video) communication service.

Glip, on the other hand, was built specifically to give teams a unified workspace online to communicate, collaborate, and get work done—particularly when the team’s members are in different locations. That’s why, as you’ll see below, our free app puts so many features into a single workspace that can help your team manage even the most complex projects.

Glip (Free)
Skype (Free)
Real-time chat and group messaging
File sharing
Group video calls
Screen sharing
Unlimited app integrations
Unlimited file storage
@Mention people and things
File annotation
Unlimited teams
Integrated calendar
Integrated task management

Premium features without the premium price tag

With Glip, your team gets enterprise-grade team collaboration for free. We don’t hold back any features for our paid version (just additional minutes of video calling).

With Skype, on the other hand, there are plenty of tools your team will want for online collaboration—like integrated task management, unlimited app integrations, and file annotation—that you just can’t have, even if you upgrade to one of Skype’s paid subscription plans. They just don’t offer that functionality.

No extra costs or fees to scale 

Another great thing about Glip is that even as your team grows and you need more of our service, your Glip workspace will continue to cost the same: nothing.

Need to invite more users or guest users? No matter how many you invite to join your team’s Glip workspace, it’s still free. Need to create more teams, more conversations, more tasks? Yep, still free. Need more file storage in your team’s Glip workspace? Use all you need. Free.

The only service you could pay for if you needed it would be additional video chat minutes. But the first several hundred of those are free.

Unlimited integrations 

Yet another reason to choose Glip over Skype is that we’ll let you integrate as many third-party apps as you need.

If your team also uses apps like Trello, Zendesk, Salesforce, or GitHub, for example, you can have alerts and updates from those apps pulled right into any Glip team conversation you want, so you can stay up to date without having to disrupt your workflow by jumping in and out of different apps throughout the day.

Free live support… and more 

When your team signs up for a free Glip account, you’re never on your own. We’re always here to help with award-winning customer service from our parent company, RingCentral, the leading cloud communications solution provider.

You’ll have free access to our implementation advisors to help you get things rolling with Glip as well as free live support 24/7/365.

Samuel Eakin, Operations Manager, Hawk Ridge Solutions

“Glip has changed how we communicate as an organization. Long gone are employee-to-employee-only messaging limitations. We can now easily share our Google apps documents or assign tasks in a group environment—all without sending a single email.”

Samuel Eakin, Operations Manager, Hawk Ridge Solutions 

More free features you will love 

Unlimited file storage

Unlimited integrations

Video chat

Unlimited users

Manage team calendar

Create and manage tasks

File sharing

Screen sharing

Team messaging

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