Collaboration tools for your sales team

Selling is a team sport. Whether your reps need feedback on their proposals or an app to hold video sales meetings, you can support your sales team with the RingCentral Glip™ collaboration workspace. 

Make Glip your home base for sales team collaboration. Keep the latest marketing collateral and pricing info in one place. Give new account executives an easy way to send questions to experienced reps. Collaborate in real time on sales docs. Do it all in Glip. 


Create sales chats for each project.


Boost collaboration with file sharing. 


Add accountability with task tracking.

video call

Support teamwork with video meetings.


Get work done from anywhere.

Improve sales team collaboration

Give your sales productivity a boost with the Glip collaboration tool in your RingCentral app. Create dedicated teams just for sharing sales best practices, asking questions, or working on the standard sales agreement. Then invite new account executives into these Glip teams to speed their learning curve. 

Improve sales team collaboration
Invite your prospects into Glip chats

Invite your prospects into Glip chats

How can you increase sales? One way is to enable your sales team to communicate with prospects the way they’d prefer, and sometimes that isn’t with a call. Invite these people to Glip and communicate in a way that’s more comfortable for them and more likely to lead to a sale. 

Create a trusted place for sales docs

Sales team collaboration gets tricky when the team works together on a doc—pitch deck, proposal, etc.—but then someone makes edits to their own file without updating the team. With the RingCentral app, your team can work on these docs, keep them stored in your shared Glip workspace, and then everyone can always easily grab the latest. 

Create a trusted place for sales docs
Increase sales with online meetings

Increase sales with online meetings

Need to walk a prospect through your solution, but can’t meet face-to-face? Use Glip’s video chat with screen sharing to communicate your presentation’s rich detail, just as if you were in the same room. You can launch meetings right from the RingCentral app and start a video call in one click. 

Work—and sell—from anywhere

Your prospects don’t just have questions only during business hours. Your sales team doesn’t just get inspired to work only while they’re in the office. With Glip, your reps can respond to prospect requests, execute contracts, and close deals from anywhere—all they need is the RingCentral app. 

Make sure your sales team is on task

Make sure your sales team is on task

How can you improve sales performance? Don’t let your team lose track of their action items: scheduling a prospect meeting, delivering a revised pitch deck, or sending over a promised contract amendment. With Glip, you can create tasks in seconds and track them from anywhere, so everyone is always on task. 

Bring your favorite apps into your Glip workspace 

Once they realize how powerful the tool is, your sales team is going to spend a lot of time in Glip. The good news is RingCentral integrates with other apps, like Salesforce, Google Drive, and about 50 more. That means your team can pull updates from these apps into their Glip conversations. 

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