Productivity software your team will love

What team productivity software was always supposed to be 

Your team is busy juggling lots of complex projects at once. But how and where do you actually work on these projects? We’re guessing you use lots of different productivity software tools: one for emailing, another to share files, maybe another to edit those files, a separate tool for your team calendar, and still another to manage tasks. Not as productive as it should be, right?

That’s why there’s Glip. This ridiculously simple productivity software lets your team communicate and collaborate in one place, from any device, wherever you are—office, home, or on the train. Take a peek below to find out why Glip is what team productivity software was always supposed to be.

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What to look for in productivity software 

Team productivity software can be clean and intuitive or complex and clunky. You can find apps that work really well for desk-bound team members, but not for when those people leave the office. See the tab below to read about our three key rules for any team productivity software.

Bringing the best features together with Glip 

Sometimes you need to send an important message to a member of your team. Sometimes you want to chat face to face with a few coworkers. And sometimes you just want to send a picture of a dancing cat to thank a teammate for stepping up when you needed it. We’ll show you below how RingCentral app brings it all together for seamless teamwork online.

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Productive teams everywhere love Glip

  • What you can do with Glip’s team productivity software
  • Three rules for team productivity software

What you can do with Glip’s team productivity software

Why we call RingCentral an app for seamless team collaboration and why we know your team will love it

The online RingCentral team messaging and collaboration app is a robust workspace that helps teams work together efficiently and seamlessly wherever they are.

Okay, that’s what we say, but what does it actually mean for you? What can your team actually do with Glip’s productivity software? And what makes it so seamless anyway? 

Add new task feature

Real-time messaging

Imagine your team in this situation, four members of your marketing team are preparing for your company’s exhibit at an upcoming tradeshow. Someone on your team creates an “XYZ Tradeshow” team in Glip, invites those marketing team members, and now you all have a dedicated online workspace for all things tradeshow prep.

You all start chatting in the app about things your team needs to think about. Someone writes, “We should start calling our exhibit vendors to get quotes for catering in the booth, TV screens we can rent, etc.” And five seconds later someone else on the team responds, “Let me take that on.”

Oh, and by the way, those two people are in different offices, in different cities, but they’re chatting in real time. Because everyone knows how important this tradeshow is, any new Glip message from the XYZ Tradeshow team gets priority.

Learn more about Glip’s team messaging.

File sharing

The team member who mentioned contacting exhibit vendors drags and drops a few files and exhibitor invoices from previous tradeshows right into the conversation.

Now everyone on the team, particularly the person who volunteered to get vendor quotes, can view these files and have them stored in this Glip team so they can retrieve them anytime.

If someone needs to find one of these vendor invoices later, they can jump right into the XYZ Tradeshow team, and they’ll see the files displayed right next to their chat space. Or, if they can’t remember which team the files were uploaded to, they can just search all files on their Glip workspace, either by who uploaded them, file format, date, or keyword.

Learn more about Glip’s file sharing.

Team calendar

Someone else in this Glip team pops open the calendar tool and starts adding important dates for the team to be watching. They include the tradeshow’s dates, obviously, but also a weekly meeting for the team to get together in real time—either in person (if that’s possible), over the phone, or even using a Glip video call—to discuss their progress on the show preparations.

Anyone on the team will see those events on their team calendar, and they can set up their own reminders as the dates approach. 

Task management

Remember the team member who volunteered to get vendor quotes? That team member is already creating tasks using Glip’s tasks tool, such as “Get catering quote,” “Get booth quote,” “Get quotes for in-booth TV monitors and projectors.” And everyone in the XYZ Tradeshow team can monitor those tasks as well as see her progress. See what we mean by a seamless collaboration app?

In fact, by helping teams collaborate in a unified online workspace, tying calendar events to task updates and real-time messaging, and sharing files, Glip has helped our users deliver projects 64% faster!

The list of cool things your team can do with Glip’s productivity software goes on and on.

Want more cool features? Check these out:

Start a video call with your team right in Glip with just a click.

Get notifications and alerts through Glip from other apps you use, like Asana, Jira, GitHub, or any of the dozens of other tools Glip integrates with.

Add an emoji or even a fun animated GIF to your messages with a click or two.

Share your screen with your team using your Glip workspace.

Brainstorm with your team in Glip using a virtual whiteboard the team can share and mark up.

Three rules for team productivity software

What to look for before you select a collaboration app for your team 

1. It's so simple anyone can start using it right away. 

The first and probably the most important rule of any team productivity software is that it’s easy to use.

If you want your team to start using a new app for communicating and collaborating and for your company to get value from that app, you’ve got to make sure it’s so intuitive and simple that anyone can pop it open for the first time and quickly become a power user.

Team productivity software tools can be pretty complicated—beautiful in some cases, but not exactly intuitive or user-friendly. So, here’s our recommendation:

Think of the biggest technophobe on your team. If everyone on your team is pretty tech-savvy, then think of the biggest techno-whiner in the group. Who’s the coworker most likely to whine and complain if your new online collaboration app always takes a few extra steps to get anything done? Got that teammate in mind? Good. Now, as you’re investigating productivity software tools for your team, imagine that person. If the app feels clunky or complicated enough that they’ll resist using it or make the rest of the team miserable every time they do, look for another app.

You’ll stop your search when you get to Glip, of course, because it’s the simplest online collaboration workspace you can find. Everything the app does, team chatting, sharing files, creating calendar events, updating tasks, annotating documents, even starting a one-click video call, is easy to do and takes just a few seconds to figure out.

Honestly, it’ll probably take your coworkers two minutes to get a good handle on their Glip productivity software once they’ve opened it up for the first time. (Well, maybe four minutes if they also install the mobile app for their iOS or Android device and check out how that works too.)

Even the biggest sceptics on the team will love it!

2. It consolidates (not adds to) the tools your team uses to collaborate.

This rule is key. The last thing you want when you try to introduce new productivity software is for your team to say, “No, that’ll just be another app we have to check all the time.”

Let’s say your team collaborates, like most teams do, using lots of different tools. Then someone says, “Hey, we should try this new instant messaging app. We can just keep it open all day, so if anyone on the team needs to ask a question or send an update, they can do it anytime, and the right people will see it instantly.” 

The problem is this new IM tool isn’t where your team is currently spending most of its time working. Your coworkers are in different apps, reviewing shared documents, or checking up on their open tasks. When they need to communicate with the rest of the team, they send an email—not anybody’s favorite method of communicating, but it’s what everyone is used to. So, when someone adds another app to the mix, it’s more of a burden than a boost to team productivity.

Rather than adding to your team’s list of apps and tools, the right productivity software should actually help you cut that list down. With Glip, you can chat, share and store files, annotate those files, manage team calendars, track tasks, and more in one shared online workspace.

3. It works equally well in the office or on the go.

One of the main reasons to use team productivity software in the first place is to let all of your on-the-go coworkers communicate and collaborate easily no matter where they are. And if your team is like most today, we’re guessing they’re all over the place.

The “old-school corporation” era is pretty much over. We’re no longer all commuting to the big downtown headquarters every day so we can sit quietly at our desks from nine to five. Teams today consist of people who can be literally anywhere —working from home, working in the park based in the next town, or continents away. Even for those of us who share office space with our teammates, we’re not always at our desks, are we? We’re popping out for coffee or the gym. We’re jumping into impromptu meetings in the break room.

So, your team productivity software can’t just be a big, clunky desktop application your team can use only when they’re in the office. It needs to be as versatile and as mobile as your team is.

Glip’s unified collaboration workspace is designed for teams to work seamlessly together in any environment, whether it is work, home, or on the road. The app lets your team chat in real time, share files, or even have video chats no matter where anybody on the team happens to be or what devices they’re using.

In today’s mobile working culture, isn’t that what team productivity software should do?

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