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Why teams and businesses prefer RingCentral Glip to Microsoft Teams

With the RingCentral app, your team will have a single shared workspace online to get stuff done—no matter where your teammates are or what devices they have handy. Glip lets teams chat in real time, share files, post in-app notes to those files, manage tasks, maintain shared calendars, and even pull in notifications the team needs from other apps.

There are some good reasons that many businesses prefer Glip to Microsoft Teams. First, with its free version, Microsoft Teams puts some restrictions on the available features and services. And when you upgrade to the enterprise version of Teams by upgrading your Microsoft Office 365 account, you’ll still face restrictions you won’t with Glip.

As you’ll see from the chart below, Glip gives you several useful team collaboration features you won’t get with the free version of Microsoft Teams (or most other free collaboration apps). 

Team collaboration
and messaging

Chat in real time anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Start video meetings with one click on any device. 

All-in-one task 

Create teams, assign tasks, and manage your calendar to stay on track and deliver projects faster.

File sharing and

Send files and mark up images and PDFs to get instant feedback and streamline workflows.


Work seamlessly with critical business apps, like Google Drive, Box, and Jira.

Way more free stuff than you’ll get from Microsoft Teams

Collaboration apps can be great, but be careful. As your team grows or your projects become more complex, some of the free versions of these apps will no longer support your needs, and you’ll have to upgrade to paid versions to keep getting use out of them. Not with Glip, though.

Our free version, for example, can scale up with your team no matter how many members you add or how many files you want to share and store on our app. With the free Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, you’ll be limited to 300 users, and you’ll also have restricted levels of team storage and user storage on their app as well.

Check out how much more stuff you’ll get with Glip for free than with the free version of Microsoft Teams.

Glip (Free)
Microsoft Teams (Free)
Real-time chat and group messaging
Third-party integrations
Customizable workspace
File sharing
Emojis and GIFs
Unlimited messages
Limited group video calls
Integrated calendar
Limited screen sharing
PDF and image annotation
Unlimited guest users
Unlimited teams
Unlimited people in private chat
Unlimited file storage
Integrated task management
Enterprise-level support

Premium features without the premium price tag

With Glip, your team can have enterprise-caliber collaboration tools without the enterprise price tag—without any price tag, really. Here are two examples: 

Want to make comments right inside a PDF or image that someone shared in Glip? With Glip, you can make in-app annotations so your teammates will see your notes in the files and you won’t have to edit the actual document or send your notes separately. You can also create a task right in a shared file or image you’re viewing. You can then create and assign tasks directly from Glip.

But if you have Microsoft Teams? You’ll have to add your comments to the chat thread, and you won’t be able to create and assign tasks.

This is why so many growing businesses and professional teams choose Glip over Microsoft Teams and other collaboration apps. Glip gives you premium features for free.

No extra costs or fees to scale 

Microsoft Teams offers some great features as well, but what if your team needs more collaboration functionality? For example, what if you want to be able to schedule meetings right in your Teams workspace? With the free version, you can’t do it. To schedule meetings, you will need to upgrade to at least Office 365 Business Essentials.

Glip, on the other hand, includes an integrated team calendar right in our free workspace. No upgrades. No limits.

In fact, with Glip you can keep doing just about everything your team uses the app for (with the exception of calls and screen sharing) without any need to upgrade beyond the free version. When it comes to adding more team members, inviting more guests, uploading more files, creating more teams, and on and on, you'll never be limited or forced into a paid plan.

Free live support… and more 

When your team signs up for a free Glip account, you’re never on your own. We’re always here to help with award-winning customer service from our parent company, RingCentral, the leading cloud communications solution provider.

You’ll have free access to our implementation advisors to help you get things rolling with Glip as well as free live support 24/7/365 by phone or online if you ever have questions or need help.

As for Microsoft Teams, however, you can enjoy enterprise-level support… when you upgrade to an enterprise-level account.

Sam Lawrence, Editor-in-Chief, Bullet Music

“It's Glip tasks and conversations for us all day, especially because the work is so deadline driven. It's really, really tough for us to get stuff in on time. We wouldn't be able to do it if we didn't have a central place where we can see everything on a calendar.” 
Sam Lawrence, Editor-in-Chief, Bullet Music

More free features you will love 

Unlimited file storage

Unlimited integrations

Video chat

Unlimited users

Manage team calendar

Create and manage tasks

File sharing

Screen sharing

Team messaging

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