Collaboration tools for your IT department

More agile workflow. Simplified ticket tracking. Better team coordination. And less email. See more of why IT departments love RingCentral Glip™. 

With the Glip collaboration hub in your RingCentral app, your IT department will have a single place for team messaging, managing tasks, sharing and commenting on files, and even viewing notifications from other apps like Zendesk. 


Manage IT tasks more easily.


Share and store your tech docs.


Chat in real time with your team.

video call

Hop on a video chat to talk IT stuff.

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Use the app to work on the go.

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Invite guests into the conversation.

Help your tech team manage tasks

If there’s a department that gets more queries for help from more people across the company than IT, we’ve never heard of it. System access requests. Computer fix requests. Onboarding requests. These pleas for help can happen anywhere, anytime—and they all lead to tasks your IT team is responsible for.

With Glip, your team can stop keeping that mental list of all the promises you’ve made to help your colleagues with their IT challenges. Just pop open the app wherever you are, and with a few clicks, you can create, assign, and track a new task. And if management asks, “What is the IT department doing?”, you’ll have a handy task list to show them. 

Help your tech team manage tasks
Keep your tech docs in one place

Keep your tech docs in one place

Let’s say your IT team is collaborating on a budget for your CIO. You can do what most teams do and pass the doc back and forth in emails—where you’ll quickly lose track of which version is current. (Boo!) Or you can use Glip to share, discuss, and annotate the budget and keep it in one place. (Yay!)

Glip’s file sharing lets you create a single place to share and store all of the tech files your IT team needs. You can upload files from anywhere, including cloud apps like Google Drive and Box. Searching for files on Glip is easy too. 

Chat with just the right people

If your IT department is like most, you’re engaged in electronic conversations all day. One-on-one emails with colleagues. Instant messages with the small task force you’re part of. Group email threads discussing the team’s big projects. Staying current with all of these communications is difficult. Finding them later? Darn near impossible.

With Glip, you can reduce all the email clutter and start having just the right conversations with just the right people or teams in a single place. Communicate and collaborate in real time. Store every conversation—and every file you attached to it—in your Glip workspace forever. 

Chat with just the right people
Share your screen with your IT team

Share your screen with your IT team

With Glip, you’re not limited to sharing info by text only. You can also share your screen on a live video chat with your IT colleagues—or even with people outside the tech team.

Maybe someone on the tech team needs to walk you through the details of a system deployment. Or maybe you want to let a sales rep demo a new solution for your team. Just fire up your Glip video chat, invite your guests, and anyone on the call can share their screen. 

Stay on top of IT issues from anywhere

A question comes in from an exec after you’ve left the office. An urgent issue pops up when you’re away from your desk. What does an information technology person do in this situation? 

Well, if your IT team is using Glip on your RingCentral app, you won’t have to worry. You’ll be able to see these updates immediately on any device where you have the app set up. That means you can review incoming Glip messages anywhere you are, respond to the important ones right away, and leave the rest for when you’re back on the clock. 

Add guests to the conversation

Add guests to the conversation

Imagine your IT department is evaluating potential cloud backup solutions. Rather than allowing your communications with various vendors to be scattered across a bunch of emails, you can create a unique Glip team for each vendor and invite the vendor’s reps to start communicating with you through that channel.

You can use this Glip team to ask questions of each vendor, have them upload their marketing literature and tech specs, and hold video chats when you need a deeper discussion about their solution. 

Bring your favorite apps into your Glip workspace 

If you’re tired of jumping in and out of apps all day to make sure your IT team isn’t falling behind on important alerts and updates, Glip is the solution for you. In addition to being your team’s communication hub, Glip also helps you calm the notification chaos by pulling in notifications from your other apps, like ServiceNow and Asana. 

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