Zapier integration 

Pull updates from just about any app right into your Glip workspace. 

iOS 10.0 or higher
Android 4.4 or higher

Why integrate Zapier with your Glip account?

Glip integrates with many of your team’s favorite apps for file sharing, project management, and workflow. But did you know that you can get updates from even more apps by integrating Zapier with Glip? 

When you add the Zapier integration to your Glip workspace (and we’ll walk you through the easy process below), you can have updates from any Zapier-supported app, and we’re talking hundreds of apps, automatically posted to your Glip workspace. 

Glip Zapier Integration

This means you and your team: 

Get updates from several apps

Receive updates from just about any productivity, social media, or collaboration app you’re using. 

Save time

No need to jump between apps all day to get all the updates you need. 

Reduce email clutter

Have all of your app notifications delivered right into your Glip workspace. No more email overload. 

What Zapier updates can I receive in my Glip workspace?

After you’ve integrated Zapier into your Glip account (don't worry, it's easy), you’ll be able to view and share events, notifications, alerts, and other updates from any of the hundreds of apps Zapier supports right in Glip. 

For example: 

Set up a Zap for Twitter to post tweets containing your username in Glip. 

Set up a Zap for your HubSpot CRM account to alert you in Glip whenever a subscriber takes action on one of your email campaigns. 

Set up a Zap for YouTube to notify you in Glip of new comments to your company’s videos. 

Set up a Zap for LinkedIn to notify you in Glip when someone direct-messages you through the LinkedIn messaging service. 

Set up a Zap for PayPal to send an update to your Glip team when a customer pays for an item or asks for a refund. 

How do I integrate Zapier into my Glip workspace?

If you already have a Zapier account, the process is easy and will take just a minute. 

Click on the  Integrations  heading on the left pane of your Glip dashboard. 

How do I integrate Zapier with Glip?

That will bring up the Available Integrations page in your dashboard’s center pane, which will look like the screenshot here. From this center pane you can click on Zapier.

Available Integrations

You can also click on the gear settings icon next to any of your People or Teams, which will bring up a drop-down menu. From there, you can click Add Integration.

How do I add integration?

The app will ask you either to choose an existing Glip conversation to deliver your Zapier updates or to create a new team. But that’s just to get your integration under way. When you’ve properly introduced your Zapier and Glip accounts, you’ll be able to pull any Zapier notifications into any Glip conversation or team. 

Add Zapier Integration

Once your Glip and Zapier accounts have taken a moment to say “What’s up!” to each other, you can start telling Zapier which notifications from which of your apps to start posting to your Glip conversations.

And you can add new apps and change the types of updates you want to pull into Glip by clicking Integrations in the left pane and accessing Zapier in the My Integrations area of your Glip workspace.

Now you can view and share (and store) updates from any Zapier-supported app right in Glip. 

And the best part?
Zapier integration is free to all Glip users. 

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