Share Evernote files with your Glip team without ever leaving Glip.

iOS 10.0 or higher
Android 4.4 or higher

Why integrate Evernote with your Glip account?

If you use Evernote to capture and organize ideas, lists, and plans, there are probably plenty of times when you’re in a Glip communication and you’d like to share an Evernote file with your team. But you can risk breaking the real-time flow of your team’s collaboration if you drop a message into Glip that reads: “Hey, everyone, check your email. I’m sending you all an Evernote file to review.” Thanks to Glip’s integration with Evernote, you’ll never have that problem.

When you integrate Evernote into your Glip workspace (which is free and takes just a minute), you can start sharing Evernote files directly in Glip, without ever having to leave the app (or ask your teammates to leave to grab the file from an email).

This means you and your team:

Keep collaborating in real time

No need to leave your Glip communication to download an Evernote file.

Prevent version control mishaps

Keep your Evernote files centrally located in your Glip workspace rather than sending multiple versions of the files to different email addresses at different times.

Reduce email clutter

Not only will you no longer have to email your Glip colleagues your Evernote files, but you also won’t generate a zillion email threads with teammates’ responses, such as “Thanks!” and “Can you resend? I can’t seem to open the attachment.”

How do I integrate Evernote into my Glip account? 

You’ll be able to pull an Evernote file right into your Glip workspace anytime by clicking on the paper clip icon on the right side of any of your Glip messages.

Use the pop-up window to sign in with your email address or username to authorize Glip. Now you can share (and store) Evernote files in your Glip workspace without ever leaving Glip.

When you pull an Evernote file into a Glip team or project, your teammates can work with it just like they would any other file you drop into the conversation. They can view it, “like” it with a thumbs-up, add it to their favorites menu, share it with colleagues, or move it to another team or conversation.

RingCentral Glip Evernote integration

And the best part?
Evernote integration is free to all Glip users.

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