Dropbox integration

Share files right from Dropbox without leaving Glip.
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Why connect Dropbox with your Glip account?

Let’s say you’re collaborating with a few colleagues in Glip, and you want to show the team your progress on a document you’ve been working on. The document is stored in your Dropbox account, but you don’t want to leave the Glip conversation—there are important messages flying back and forth in real time—to retrieve the Dropbox file or invite your team to view it.

No problem. Integrating your Dropbox and Glip accounts mean you can share a file with your team by simply pulling it directly from Dropbox without ever leaving the Glip conversation.

Which means you and your team:

Save time

No more jumping back and forth between apps.

Keep the conversation flowing

You won’t have to leave your Glip workspace to find your file and risk losing track of the conversation.

Stay organized

Pull all relevant files into Glip, rather than maintaining those files in Dropbox or scattered across a bunch of emails.

How do I integrate Dropbox into my Glip account?

RingCentral Glip Dropbox integration

You’ll be able to pull a file from Dropbox right into your Glip workspace anytime by clicking on the paper clip icon on the right side of any of your Glip messages.

Use the pop-up window to sign in to authorize Glip. Now you can share (and store) files from Dropbox in your Glip workspace without ever leaving Glip.

When you share a Dropbox file in Glip, your teammates can work with it just like they would any other file you drop into the conversation. They can view it, "like" it with a thumbs-up, add it to their favorites menu, share it with colleagues, or move it to another team or conversation.

And the best part?
  Dropbox integration is free to all Glip users.