Seamlessly share
Box files in Glip

Share Box files in Glip by simply clicking the Attach File icon .
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Glip Box Integration

What is Box?

Box is a cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration platform that offers a secure, scalable way to share content with your team from any device.

Glip Box Integration

Why connect Box with Glip?

By integrating Box with Glip, you can quickly locate and share files from your Box account without ever having to leave your conversation.

How does Box work with Glip?

To share Box files in Glip, just click the Attach File icon . Then select Box from the drop-down menu.

Box files are searchable and shareable across conversations in Glip.

Shared Box files automatically update when edited, allowing for easy version control.

Even when shared, Box files will continue to be stored in your Box account.