Asana integration

Get notifications on your Asana projects in your Glip workspace.
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Why integrate Asana with your Glip account?

With your company using Asana to track projects and other initiatives, you probably receive updates on various Asana boards and cards throughout the day. But if your team is also using Glip for real-time communication and collaboration, you don’t want to have to keep leaving your Glip workspace to check your Asana account (or your email inbox) for updates. And with Glip’s Asana integration, you won’t have to.

Glip lets you automatically pull your Asana notifications right into any Glip conversation or team, so you can see these updates as soon as they happen and share them with the Glip teams who need to know about them.

This means you and your team:

Stay up-to-date

See Asana board and card updates for important projects you are tracking in your Glip communication stream.

Save time and energy

No need to regularly check your Asana account or your email for updates throughout the day.

Reduce email clutter

You won’t need Asana to email you every notification now that you’re already pulling these updates into Glip.

How do I integrate Asana into my Glip account?

If you already have an Asana account, the process is easy and will take just a minute.

How do I integrate Asana with Glip?

Click on the  Integrations  heading on the left pane of your Glip dashboard.

Asana integration

That will bring up the Available Integrations page in your dashboard’s center pane, and from there you can click on Asana.  

How do I add integration?

You can also click on the gear settings icon next to any of your People or Teams, which will bring up a drop-down menu. From there, you can click Add Integration.

add Asana integration

The app will then ask you to Add Asana Integration to either an existing conversation in your Glip workspace or to create a new team to pull in your Asana notifications.

After you’ve selected a Glip conversation or created a new Glip team for your Asana updates, you’ll be taken to an Asana authentication page asking for your permission to let Glip pull notifications from your account. That screen will look like this:

Asana integration details

Once your Glip and Asana accounts have taken a few seconds to shake hands and introduce themselves, you’ll have the chance to specify which Asana project notifications you want delivered to your Glip communication streams.

(Note: You can change which project updates you want delivered to your Glip account anytime by clicking Integrations in the left pane and accessing Asana in the My Integrations area of your Glip workspace.)

Now you can view, share, and respond to your Asana updates without having to leave Glip.

And the best part?
Asana integration is free to all Glip users.