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Application monitoring
Pull alerts into your Glip team(s) when errors are reported in Airbrake.
Product management alerts
Receive notifications in Glip when colleagues update a roadmap in your Aha! app.
Error tracking
Get notified in Glip when your AppSignal service reports incidents and errors.
Project management
Get notifications on your Asana projects in your Glip workspace.
Source code repository
Receive an update in your Glip team when code is committed to a BitBucket repository.
File sharing
Quickly share files from your Box account without leaving your Glip conversation.
Calendar syncing
View and track events in Glip from apps like Outlook, iCal, and Google Calendar.
Cron Chatbot
Task creation
Create cron jobs (automated tasks) to send notifications to any Glip team.
Continuous integration
Receive updates in Glip about your apps built on CircleCI: “build fail,” “build pass,” etc.
AI digital assistant
Get automated answers to questions like, “Has anyone talked with (colleague’s name)?”
Continuous integration
Get notified in Glip when a new app build starts, as well as the build results.
Project management
Get notified in Glip when a Confluence page or comment is created or updated.
Crash reporting
Pull crash summaries from Crashlytics right into the Glip team(s) you choose.
Monitoring and analytics
Pull Datadog posts, snapshots, and other updates into your Glip workspace.
Issue tracking
Pull notifications from DoneDone issues into the Glip team(s) of your choice.
File sharing
Share Dropbox files in your Glip team by simply clicking the Attach File icon.
Note sharing
Share notes and other content you’ve created in Evernote with your Glip team.
Source code repository
Get notified in Glip about GitHub activities like commits and pull requests.
Glip @all Bot
@all messages
Easily message everyone in a Glip team by typing “@all message.”
Glip RC Assistant Chatbot
Live chat
View/edit your company info and settings in RingCentral—right from Glip.
Google Drive
File sharing
Share files from your Google Drive account without leaving Glip.
Google Drive Chatbot
Google Drive notifications
Get alerts when anyone adds or removes Drive files in your Glip chat group.
Analytics and customer chat
Pull notices into Glip when GoSquared reports site traffic and Smart Group activity.
Time tracking
Track your time on a task (including starting/stopping the timer) right in Glip.
App deployment
Get notified in Glip when an app is deployed on your cloud hosting service Heroku.
Continuous integration
Send new Jenkins job notifications right to your Glip workspace.
Issue tracking
Get updates on activity and discussions about Jira issues right in your Glip workspace.
Cloud monitoring
Get notified in Glip whenever a Librato alert is triggered and canceled.
Order management
Send commands to your LBX order management system from Glip.
Email marketing
Receive updates in Glip about the details of your Mailchimp email campaigns.
Marketing automation
Get a message in Glip when a Marketo smart campaign webhook trigger occurs.
New Relic
Application monitoring
Pull New Relic notifications such as server alerts into your Glip workspace.
File sharing
Share files from OneDrive in any Glip conversation by clicking the Attach File icon.
On-call management
Send your OpsGenie alerts and incident updates to the appropriate Glip teams.
On-call scheduling
Get incident notices sent to Glip anytime a PagerDuty event is triggered.
Log management
Get notified in Glip whenever a Papertrail search event is triggered.
Party Lottery
Automated gifting
Choose people randomly in your Glip team to receive gifts during a party.
Uptime monitoring
Get notifications in Glip when a Pingdom alert policy is triggered.
Pivotal Tracker
Project management
Pull your Pivotal Tracker notifications, such as a new story or project, into Glip.
Error reporting
Pull a notice into Glip when Raygun reports an error in your app.
RingCentral Pulse™ for Contact Center
Metrics monitoring
Automatically track alerts and KPIs, and keep the right people informed.
API monitoring
Get notified in Glip when a Runscope test is implemented to monitor API performance.
Upload any object from Salesforce (lead, customer profile, etc.) to your Glip team.
Glip integration: ScottyNewsBot
News delivery
Get your favorite news content—TechCrunch, Fortune—delivered to Glip.
Continuous integration
Get notified in Glip when an app is built or deployed on your Semaphore CI platform.
IT service management
Have messages posted to Glip from any ServiceNow business rule script.
Glip integration: Shadow Spaces
Shadow Spaces
Business intelligence
Create actionable business intelligence about your team’s Glip performance and usage.
Hosted status pages
Get notified in Glip anytime a Statuspage incident is created or updated.
E-commerce payments
Monitor your online sales, refunds, and new customers in your Glip workspace.
Sumo Logic
Security analytics
Pull notifications of scheduled search alerts from your Sumo Logic webhook into Glip.
Travis CI
Continuous integration
Post Travis CI notifications, such as standard builds and pull requests, in Glip.
Task tracking for teams
Get notified in Glip when someone creates or updates a Trello card you’re involved in.
Trello Bot by
Project management
Create cards, boards, lists, and other content in your Trello app right from Glip.
Twitter Bot by
Social media
Tweet, send direct messages, and receive tweets in your Glip workspace.
Live chat
Receive notifications in your Glip workspace when a Userlike event is triggered.
Incident management
Post a notice to the relevant Glip team when a VictorOps webhook is triggered.
Webhooks for RingCentral
Custom integrations
Push messages, notifications, and alerts from any app into your Glip workspace.
Automated workflows
Post messages and other content to Glip directly from more than 750 other apps.
Support tickets
Get updates on your Zendesk customer service tickets right in Glip.
Zoho CRM
CRM for RingCentral
Dial contacts with one click, automatically log calls, and more in RingCentral.
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