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Project management
Get notifications on your Asana projects in your Glip workspace.
File sharing
Quickly share files from your Box account without leaving your Glip conversation.
File sharing
Share Dropbox files in your Glip team by simply clicking the Attach File icon.
Note sharing
Share notes and other content you’ve created in Evernote with your Glip team.
Source code repository
Get notified in Glip about GitHub activities like commits and pull requests.
Google Drive
File sharing
Share files from your Google Drive account without leaving Glip.
Email marketing
Receive updates in Glip about the details of your Mailchimp email campaigns.
E-commerce payments
Monitor your online sales, refunds, and new customers in your Glip workspace.
Task tracking for teams
Get notified in Glip when someone creates or updates a Trello card you’re involved in.
Automated workflows
Post messages and other content to Glip directly from more than 750 other apps.
Support tickets
Get updates on your Zendesk customer service tickets right in Glip.
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