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Why teams and businesses prefer Glip to Flock 

When your team is collaborating on a complex project, particularly if your team members are spread across multiple locations, you don’t want your technology to slow your progress. So if you’re thinking about signing up for Flock’s collaboration app, keep in mind that the free version of Flock limits your team’s ability to add and search content on the app, as well as some of the functionality your team will likely want or need.

With Glip’s free version? You’ll have no such limitations slowing your team’s progress.

Team collaboration
and messaging

Chat in real time anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Start video meetings with one click on any device. 

All-in-one task 

Create teams, assign tasks, and manage your calendar to stay on track and deliver projects faster.

File sharing and

Send files and mark up images and PDFs to get instant feedback and streamline workflows.


Work seamlessly with critical business apps, like Google Drive, Box, and Jira.

Free team collaboration that goes beyond Flock

Like Glip, the free version of Flock offers several team collaboration features in a unified workspace. But this is where the similarities end. As Flock’s own pricing breakdown on its website explains, the free version is designed for small teams “getting started.”

In practical terms, that means you will soon find your team running up against limitations on the free version of Flock. For example, you will have just 10GB of total file storage on the app for your entire team to share. You’ll also only be able to search through your team’s most recent 10,000 messages across all channels on the app.

If you want more capacity in these areas, you’ll need to upgrade to Flock’s paid version—the least expensive of which will cost you $6 per user per month, unless you choose to pay for a year in advance, in which case you can pay $4.50 per user. But guess what? When you upgrade to Flock’s paid plans, even if you go all the way up to its highest-priced Enterprise solution, you’ll still have limits on your file storage capacity.

With the free version of Glip, you’ll enjoy unlimited storage and unlimited chat search with no need to upgrade. Take a look at how Glip offers your team free limitless functionality you just can’t get from Flock, even if you’re willing to pay for it.

Glip (Free)
Flock (Free)
Real-time chat and group messaging
Unlimited app integrations
File sharing
Integrated task management
Group video calls
Screen sharing
Unlimited file storage
Unlimited chat history
File annotation
Integrated calendar

Free file annotation with Glip 

Another premium feature your team will enjoy with the free RingCentral app that Flock doesn’t offer is the ability to embed notes and comments right onto files uploaded to your team’s conversation. Glip’s built-in annotation feature lets your team add an idea, edit, or suggestion to any file without altering the original version of the file.

This enterprise-grade feature simply isn’t available with the Flock app, even if you pay for their enterprise version—but with Glip, it’s available, free, and unlimited from day one.

No extra costs or fees to scale 

Because Glip offers unlimited access to so many of our features, you won’t be confronted with the difficult decision of having to upgrade your service as your team grows.

As we noted above, Flock's free version will only take your team so far. Eventually (probably sooner than you expect), you’ll reach your team’s maximum storage capacity or be limited by your company’s search history. At that point, you’ll have the tough decision of upgrading everyone to a paid Flock license or switching platforms altogether to another collaboration app.

With Glip, you’ll never hit these limitations, which means you’ll never have to face that frustrating upgrade-or-switch choice. Your Glip workspace will always continue to cost the same: nothing.

Need to invite more users or guest users? No matter how many you invite to join your team’s Glip workspace, it’s still free. Need to create more teams, more conversations, more tasks? Yep, still free. Need more file storage in your team’s Glip workspace? Use all you need. Free.

The only service you could pay for if you needed it would be additional video meeting minutes. But the first several hundred of those are free.

Free live support… and more 

At Glip, we want your team to be successful whether you’re paying us or not. So we’re always here to help 24/7/365 with award-winning customer service from our parent company, RingCentral, the leading cloud communications solution provider. Yep, even on our free accounts!

When you’re a Glip user, someone is always there to help.

Sara Moore, CEO, SEA Media

“I always tell people, when they ask me how I run my business and stay so efficient, that it all starts with Glip. It’s my best tool — it’s my ninja weapon.” 

Sara Moore, CEO, SEA Media

More free features you will love 

Unlimited file storage

Unlimited integrations

Video chat

Unlimited users

Manage team calendar

Create and manage tasks

File sharing

Screen sharing

Team messaging

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