Compared to Glip,
Discord is just playing games

Team messaging and collaboration apps

Why teams and businesses prefer Glip to Discord

If you’ve begun researching online messaging and collaboration apps for your team or business, you might have heard about Discord. But here’s something you should know: Discord was developed to help gamers communicate with each other while playing video games online.

Glip, by contrast, was developed specifically to help professional teams and businesses collaborate more effectively on complex projects, even if those teams are in different offices or different regions around the world.

If you’re trying to improve your team’s communication and collaboration and not be limited by features, you’ll want Glip. Keep reading to see why.

Team collaboration
and messaging

Chat in real time anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Start video meetings with one click on any device. 

All-in-one task 

Create teams, assign tasks, and manage your calendar to stay on track and deliver projects faster.

File sharing and

Send files and mark up images and PDFs to get instant feedback and streamline workflows.


Work seamlessly with critical business apps, like Google Drive, Box, and Jira.

The messaging and collaboration
platform for teams

As Discord’s own website describes the app, it’s “free voice and text chat for gamers.” And it is a great app, if you’re playing a video game online and want to talk about it with other gamers.

But there’s a reason you don’t hear much about businesses or professional teams using Discord to collaborate online and get work done. The app offers real-time chat and very limited file sharing, but that’s about the end of Discord’s team collaboration capability.

Which is why most businesses and teams today are instead choosing Glip—the unified collaboration workspace for team messaging, file sharing and annotating, task management, and team calendar sharing. In other words, RingCentral is the app you’ll want when it’s time to get down to business.

Glip (Free)
Discord (Free)
Real-time chat and group messaging
Unlimited messages
File sharing
Video calls
Screen sharing
Integrated task management
Integrated team calendar
File annotation
24/7 live support
Unlimited app integrations

An enterprise-grade digital platform… for free  

Although both Discord and Glip offer free versions, you can see from the feature comparison above that the Discord app offers limited collaboration functionality, while Glip’s free version lets you create a robust, unified team workspace online.

In fact, many of Glip’s most impressive free team collaboration features, such as in-app file annotation and a fully integrated task management tool, are available only with the paid enterprise versions of some apps.

No extra costs or fees to scale 

Another factor to consider when researching collaboration apps is what will happen to your team’s productivity if you reach an app’s maximum capacity on certain key features. With Discord’s free version, you won’t be able to upload files larger than 8MB, which means your team will likely find itself needing workarounds to share larger files.

With Glip, however, you can upload large files—even enormous files—to any team conversation anytime with the free plan. You’ll never have to upgrade to a paid Glip account to increase either your individual file upload limit or your team’s total file storage capacity, which will be unlimited from day one.

Unlimited integrations

This is a favorite of many Glip users. Even with our free version, you can integrate as many of Glip’s dozens of third-party apps as your team wants. That means you can pull notifications and alerts right into the Glip conversation of your choice from other apps you rely on, like Asana, Zendesk, GitHub, and Trello.

Glip also integrates with file sharing services like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box, so you can easily pull in a file to share with your team without ever leaving your Glip workspace.

Free live support… and more

When you look into working with Discord, you can submit a question or request for help online through their customer support portal.

At Glip, we’re able to offer you award-winning customer service 24/7/365 from our parent company, RingCentral, the leading cloud communications solution provider. Yep, even on our free accounts!

When you’re a Glip user, someone is always there to help.

Sara Moore, CEO, SEA Media

“I always tell people, when they ask me how I run my business and stay so efficient, that it all starts with Glip. It’s my best tool — it’s my ninja weapon.” 

Sara Moore, CEO, SEA Media

More free features you will love 

Unlimited file storage

Unlimited integrations

Video chat

Unlimited users

Manage team calendar

Create and manage tasks

File sharing

Screen sharing

Team messaging

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