Collaboration tools for your software development team

Get real-time answers from your product team about user stories. Track bug fixes and other to-dos from dev apps like GitHub and Jira—all from your Glip collaboration workspace in the RingCentral app.

Glip team messaging makes software development easier. From discussing the objectives of new features to quickly sharing code snippets with coworkers, smart dev teams use Glip as their collaboration hub.

Share code snippets.

Keep track of your tasks.

Pull alerts from other apps.

Chat with your team about projects.

Collaborate on files.

Share code snippets in a snap

Why reinvent the wheel? With Glip’s new snippet feature, you and your team can easily share code snippets in real time. Plus the RingCentral app lets your entire dev department easily access your team’s complete library of pre-written code.

Share code snippets in a snap
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Pull all your dev work into one place

Pull all your dev work into one place

With the RingCentral app, you can collaborate on files, send status updates, text your product manager questions, get real-time alerts from other apps, and even hop on a video call—all from a single app on any device.

Store and collaborate on files

Use Glip as your team’s central place to store and work on product files. Review the backlog, pop open the roadmap, and discuss it in real time, or add questions to a user story or wireframe. You can keep files organized in your Glip workspace and pull new ones in from apps like Google Drive.

Store and collaborate on files

Code away (we mean from the office)

With the RingCentral app, you and your development team can work and collaborate when and where you want. The RingCentral desktop and mobile apps let you make progress on your dev work and stay connected with your cross-functional team from any device.

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