Collaboration tools that keep your design teams in the zone

Review a client’s brand guidelines. Run an early mockup or graphic by your team. Ask your coworkers for input on a new design process. Glip lets you do it all.

Glip helps keep your design teams on target, on time, and on point. As an all-in-one collaborative software, Glip lets designers chat via text, collaborate on files, manage tasks, and track events on a team calendar. And when you need to meet face-to-face with your fellow designers, you can hop on a video call.

Hop on a video call.

Collaborate on files.

Manage tasks.

Chat via text.

Track team events.

Jump on a video call to share new graphics with your team

Whether you’re working with your team, other departments, or clients, Glip makes it easy to walk people step by step through your new mockup, wireframe, or sketch. Just start up a video call and share your screen. You can even invite people who don’t use Glip.

Jump on a video call
Replay Replay
Share and collaborate on files

Share and collaborate on files

Upload files to your Glip team where colleagues can add notes without disturbing the original files. It’s a great feedback tool that lets your design teams comment on each other’s mockups, ask product owners questions about specs, and send design drafts to clients for feedback.

Manage tasks with your team

Manage tasks with your team

Design collaboration often consists of smaller tasks such as meeting with clients, drafting individual project elements, and coordinating with developers. With Glip, your team can track tasks in the same collaboration workspace where you’re already chatting and sharing feedback on files.

Chat in real time with your fellow designers

Chat in real time with your fellow designers

No more hopping between emails, instant message threads, and phone calls to communicate with your team. Glip lets you have the right collaborative design discussions, with the right people, at the right time. Keep all of your communications in one place, organized by project, task, or team.

Design wherever you feel inspired

In the park. On the train. In a coffee shop. Who knows when and where your next creative inspiration may strike. The RingCentral desktop and mobile apps have all of your Glip tools wherever you may be. So chat with your team, share your new design draft, and review your client’s feedback—even if you’re nowhere near the office.

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