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Get real-time help from other agents on tricky customer issues. Create a central library of answers and issue fixes for your support team. Monitor tickets from apps like Zendesk. Your team can do it all in Glip.

Think of Glip team messaging as your team’s customer support collaboration software, an online workspace to get help with complex customer issues, to work directly with key customers when needed, and to manage your department’s tasks and projects. It’s all in Glip.

Chat in real time with experts.

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Invite guests into conversations.

Hop on a video call with a customer.

Share and store FAQ docs.

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Use the app to work on the go.

Manage your team’s ongoing tasks.

Use real-time messaging for fast answers from the right people

Use real-time messaging for fast answers from the right people

One of the most important reasons for using collaboration tools is to quickly share knowledge and expertise across a team, and few teams face more difficult questions in need of quick answers than customer support. Glip lets your agents chat in real-time with just the right people when they need help: other agents, supervisors, or subject-matter experts anywhere in the company.

Also, because Glip lets agents see who’s online, they can direct message or @mention the right people for a faster response. And because Glip keeps your team’s message history, agents can search for answers that another support rep might have already dealt with. The answer to the question “What is collaborative work management?” is Glip.

Add key customers as guests to the support discussion
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Add key customers as guests to the support discussion

One reason Glip is a favorite collaboration tool for business support teams is that it allows agents to create a closer relationship with customers by putting those customers in direct contact with Tier-3 experts or other key people at the company. For example, if you create a Glip team just for a customer to collaborate with the right support agents, internal experts, and an account manager, you’re showing that customer how much you value them.

A customer-specific Glip team can be particularly helpful for dealing with complex troubleshooting issues, product implementations, or introducing new employees to the product at your customer's company. And with Glip, you can extend this collaboration beyond team messaging to include file sharing and even HD video meetings with screen sharing.

Hop on a video call to deal with an unusual or tricky customer issue

Sometimes your agents just can’t solve a customer’s problem over the phone or via a text chat. The issue is complex, the customer can’t quite explain where things are going wrong, or your agent just can’t visualize the problem.

In these cases, many teams default to escalating the ticket to a higher-tier agent. But that takes time, pulls your more knowledgeable agents away from other tasks, and can upset your customer. With Glip, you can leave this escalation step as a last resort—and instead have your agent start a video call and let the customer share their screen to actually show what’s wrong. Or your agent can share their own screen and walk a customer through the steps needed to fix the issue.

Hop on a video call to deal with an unusual or tricky customer issue
Spread the knowledge with file sharing and file storage in any Glip team

Spread the knowledge with file sharing and file storage in any Glip team

Another reason Glip is the ideal free team collaboration tool for customer support is that it lets your team share, store, and even annotate files in any Glip team you want.

That means you can upload a product manual or video training file to a Glip team you’ve created for a certain customer segment or even a specific customer. It also means you can create a centralized library for your product manuals, instructional documents, video training files, and customer support best practices and let your entire support department access them anytime. Upload any type of file: document, presentation file, image, video or audio recording, etc. And you can pull these files from your computer or from your favorite cloud app like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Empower your agents to work wherever they are

Who says a help desk agent literally needs a desk? Sometimes a customer’s question is so complex that your support agent will just need a quiet place to think about it. And maybe your office help desk area is just too noisy. Or maybe one of your superstar Tier-3 agents just needs to work from home or on the road.

With Glip, you can empower your support agents to work, communicate, and collaborate from anywhere, on any device. So let your agents take their work—reviewing shared files, text messaging with a supervisor or a customer, or even hosting a quick video call with colleagues—wherever they are.

Assign and track tasks with your support team

Assign and track tasks with your support team

If your team needs a centralized place to track tickets and you don’t use any other customer support tools, you can use the Glip task management feature to make sure your agents are seeing and making progress on all issues. You can also use the task management functionality to show a customer you’ve invited into a Glip team that their issues are being handled.

And because Glip also integrates with popular customer support ticket systems like Zendesk or RingCental Contact Center™, you can set up your team’s Glip workspace to automatically pull in alerts from these other apps and keep your team updated on tasks they’re tracking elsewhere.

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