This multiple franchise owner and entrepreneur found his secret weapon for getting so much done 

Businesses: Subway, Carl’s Jr., and several other businesses
“I’m able to keep track of everything happening with my businesses better than ever.”
Location: Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, Mexico
“Glip has allowed me to run my companies from home, which is very important to me.”
Need: Help managing projects and communications across various companies
“With all my teams on Glip, everyone knows what they need to do, and nobody forgets anything.”

Alex Mercado is a busy man. He has opened six Subway restaurants, and he is developing the Carl’s Jr. brand within his state, starting with the opening of two restaurants this year. He also co-founded a coding and technology school for children called Gnius Club, which has earned a 2017 United Nations World Summit Award for the “best digital innovation in education in the world.” And if that weren’t impressive enough, Alex also operates a real estate company, a legal counseling service, and other businesses. How does he do it all? 

Alex credits many things, starting with discipline. “I work a lot of hours, often late into the night,” he says. His education has also helped; Alex earned a master’s in finance. “So I’m very comfortable around numbers and balance sheets.” And he’s been able to hire great teams to help him run his companies.

But Alex also credits technology with helping him succeed: “It is great to create tasks for my team even late at night, and by the next morning they already know what to do and what to work on without even speaking to me. The best thing is that I can keep track of every task. I can’t imagine running this many businesses at once without Glip.” 

The challenge

A multiple franchise owner needed a single platform to communicate with his different teams and keep track of his businesses’ many projects.

When you operate a franchise restaurant, you need to keep track of a lot of moving parts to be successful—coordinating with suppliers, paying the company’s bills, managing employee schedules, communicating with the corporate parent company, hiring, assigning tasks to your staff, overseeing the budget, collaborating on strategic initiatives with your store's managers, etc. And that’s when you have just one restaurant. Imagine running as many businesses as Alex does at the same time. 

That’s Alex Mercado’s reality. He operates six Subways and is planning to roll out Carl’s Jr. restaurants as well. Plus, Alex also operates other businesses in entirely different industries.

With so many projects and tasks to manage, and so many employees, contractors, suppliers, and business partners to communicate with on a regular basis, Alex realized he couldn’t get it all done with phone calls and emails alone. He needed a single platform to manage all of this information that he could also access from a computer or his phone. 

“Glip is the most awesome app I’ve ever used!”
Alex Mercado, Subway and Carl’s Jr. Franchise Owner, Serial Entrepreneur 

The solution

Glip helps Alex manage all of his businesses in one place. 

“When I started using Glip,” Alex explains, “I realized that I could manage everything, all of the operational details for all of my businesses, in the same platform. That made all the difference in helping me keep everything on track.”

Today, Alex could be best described as a “Glip power user.” He maintains one-on-one Glip conversations with the manager at each of his restaurants. He has set up Glip teams for the staff at each of his restaurants. He tracks Glip tasks and calendars for various projects across all of his other businesses. And he uses Glip to communicate online with all of his contractors, consultants, and suppliers. 

“I work with suppliers in Holland, China, the United States, and in other places all over the world,” Alex says. “But no matter where these people are, all of our communication and collaboration is easy because we do it all through Glip.”

Alex creates more fans of Glip!

“To give you an idea of how easy it is to get started using Glip, and how useful the app is, as I was building a new location, I got my architects to start communicating with me through Glip,” says Alex. “They hadn’t even heard of it, but I taught them how to use the app. Now they love it, and they use it themselves in their own businesses.” 

Alex Mercado, Subway and Carl’s Jr. Franchise Owner, Serial Entrepreneur

“I can’t imagine running this many businesses at once without Glip.”
Alex Mercado, Subway and Carl’s Jr. Franchise Owner, Serial Entrepreneur 

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