Using a modern collaboration app to carry out a timeless mission 

Organization: Streams Church
Helped the growing team stay connected
Location: Glendale, Arizona
Gave the organization a much simpler alternative to email and texting
Allowed the church’s mobile workforce to communicate more easily
Need: Easier collaboration and communication
Became the team’s go-to app for project planning, event coordination, and one-on-one

From day one, Streams Church has found creative ways to carry out its mission of building a relationship-based faith community. When the organization was founded in 2004, the team conducted services in a local Phoenix-area high school. When they outgrew that space, Streams Church began renting a movie theater for Sunday services—which had to end as soon as the late-morning matinees starting showing. 

 And when they were able to buy their own location, the team of pastors, administrative staff, and volunteers eventually grew large enough that email and texting were no longer efficient tools for collaboration and communication. So the Streams Church team again had to find a creative and affordable alternative. 

The challenge

A growing team doing most of their work from home—and coffee shops—was finding that email and text messaging was no longer working. 

When the Streams Church organization consisted of just three pastors working mostly out of their homes, the team was able to get by using email. But as the team grew, adding part-time administrative staff and church volunteers, they needed a simpler and more centralized platform to stay connected, coordinate programs and events, and get their work done.

“When you’re planning a church event, and you’ve got half a dozen people working on it together, all operating out of different locations, it’s easy for an email communication to get missed or for someone to be left off of that thread who really needed to see it,” says Allen Keys, Executive Pastor for Streams Church. 

“When our team began growing, and different teams began forming to manage our various missions, outreach programs, and events, we realized we needed a better system for collaborating and working together,” Allen explains. “Simple, centralized communication for all of our various church projects was especially important for us because none of us have office space at the church itself, so we’re all working remotely.” 

“All of us, even some of our volunteers who aren’t so comfortable with new technologies, love using Glip.”
Allen Keys, Executive Pastor 

The solution 

A search for a better collaboration and communication tool leads the team to Glip. 

A comparison of app features narrows down the team’s search.

The pastors at Streams Church are quite tech savvy, and researching online collaboration platforms was actually a fun experience for them.

“We signed up for every app we could find,” says Allen. “Some had features we liked but lacked other features we needed. And some looked good but were expensive. Eventually we found Glip, and that ended our search. It was great for collaborating, for messaging one-on-one or with a team, and it integrated easily with the other tools we were all using, like Box and Google Drive. Oh, and it was free!” 

The team has found another modern tool to help them carry out their timeless mission.

Streams Church has always used whatever tools were available to help deliver their message and grow their community. So it’s no surprise that the organization uses technology, such as hosting a podcast and creating Youtube videos, to deepen connections with its members. And when the organization began outgrowing email and texting, they turned again to a cutting-edge online platform to help their internal teams stay organized, collaborate in real time, and keep the church’s many programs and events on track.

“I love the fact that I can be in a coffee shop, pop open my Glip app, and in one place get all of the updates I need on any projects we have in progress or share my own updates with the appropriate teams,” Allen says. “The best part is that no matter how much larger we grow, Glip will always be able to scale up with us to help the entire Streams Church team communicate and work together in real time.” 

Allen Keys, Executive Pastor

“We’re a mobile team, so we tried every online collaboration app you can think of. Glip is the best way for us to work on projects, communicate, and stay connected no matter where we are. Oh, and the price tag—free—doesn't hurt either.”
Allen Keys, Executive Pastor 

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