How MJ Thomas Photography achieved a perfect record with Glip 

Organization: MJ Thomas Photography
Since using Glip, the team has enjoyed a perfect, error-free record.
Location: Headquarters in Grand Junction, CO
Communicating with members of other departments is quicker and easier than ever.
Everyone on this cross-functional team can now see the status of every task, anytime.
Need: A process for tracking photo shoots and flyer distribution without errors
The team no longer has to waste time (and paper!) printing out calendars and reports.

MJ Thomas Photography’s headquarters in Grand Junction, Colorado, is a busy place. Thanks to a stellar reputation earned over its 25-year history, today the company is the photography service of choice for 500 schools and sports leagues across several states. 

But keeping those hundreds of schools and leagues happy means the team at headquarters must successfully manage a complex, interconnected mix of event calendars, photo shoot schedules, flyer printing deadlines, sales contracts, and other logistical details to keep operations running smoothly and error-free. Which is why Candice Fry, the company’s Data Management and Flyer Production Rock Star, and a self-described perfectionist, was so thrilled to discover Glip. 

The challenge

A complex series of data-processing and project-management tasks was difficult to manage by jumping back and forth among different tools. 

The term “detail oriented” is overused in job descriptions. But for Candice Fry’s role managing flyer production and data processing for MJ Thomas Photography, it would be a completely fair job requirement.

Candice is responsible for creating the flyers the company distributes to the schools and sports leagues where its photographers will be doing photo shoots. That’s hundreds of schools and hundreds of leagues spanning Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, and Wyoming. So Candice reviews the company’s massive event calendars regularly to find out, for example, which schools have photo sessions scheduled soon for dances or yearbooks. 

Then she runs reports to determine how many flyers they'll need, what special details need to be included, and how much lead time the company will need to ship those flyers (based on the school’s location).

And that’s when things get really complicated. “After I’ve created a draft of these flyers,” says Candice, “I need to coordinate production with people across other departments, like proofing, printing, and shipping. Without a central place to assign and track the tasks for everyone, it was difficult to keep things moving smoothly, and it was too easy for the team to make mistakes.” 

“Since our team started using Glip, we’ve had ZERO mistakes.”
Candice Fry, Data Management and Flyer Production Rock Star 

The solution

Discovering task management in Glip 

When a coworker in another department introduced Candice to the Glip messaging and collaboration app, he was more interested in the tool for communication. But Candice discovered other ways Glip could improve her team’s workflow.

“I realized I could organize and track a complex project, involving several people, in one place,” she says. “Even though my flyer production team is all over the company, we work together easily through Glip. I can assign tasks to each person with deadlines and keep the project moving. When I finish my flyer draft, I just mark that task complete, which everyone on the project can see, and then it moves to my proofreading teammate. When she’s done, she marks her task complete, and on it goes to printing.”

Glip makes it easier for Candice and her team to manage these complex flyer-production projects in many ways. “We even make full use of the color-coding feature in Glip,” she says. “Our spring shoots are totally different from our fall shoots, which can make things really confusing. But we color code everything in Glip, so we’re able to keep it all straight.”

“Another great thing about using Glip is that if I make an update—like changing a completed task to incomplete, because someone asked me for a last-minute change—Glip lets everyone know the project is still open, and what the new due date is. So it’s also great for accountability and record keeping.”

A perfect record: the biggest benefit to Candice and her team.

Glip has helped Candice communicate with her team and other departments more easily than ever. “It’s great for working with our customer service team,” she says, “because if they have someone on the line with a question that I can answer, they can just Glip me in real time.”

And clearly, Glip has helped Candice more effectively manage the highly complex flyer production projects she’s in charge of.

But because Glip has been so helpful in letting Candice and her team get organized, track tasks, and keep each other accountable, it has provided a benefit Candice herself wasn’t expecting:

“Since our team started using Glip, we’ve had ZERO mistakes.” For a perfectionist, that’s pretty cool. 

Candice Fry, Data Management and Flyer Production Rock Star

“Because Glip keeps us so organized and efficient, even when a couple of people on our team are out, we still don’t fall too far behind. I love this app!”
Candice Fry, Data Management and Flyer Production Rock Star 

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