Sought-after consultant for Canada’s largest Protestant church uses Glip to collaborate online with dozens of church leaders

Organization: Joe Ramsay and Associates, Inc.
Glip helps Joe collaborate and communicate effectively with dozens of clients using a single online platform.
Location: Napanee, Ontario, Canada
Joe is now managing a massive project involving 70 congregations, which wouldn’t be possible without Glip.
Need: An app for easy collaboration with hundreds of client contacts across dozens of congregations
As Joe Ramsay and Associates continues to grow, Glip scales with it.

Joe Ramsay is a busy professional. Always has been, in fact. Since earning his Master of Divinity, Joe has devoted 30 years to serving Canada’s largest Protestant church, the United Church of Canada, in many roles: ordained minister, counselor, educator, and even a singer-songwriter for progressive congregations. Today, Joe is busier than ever as a sought-after consultant working with the United Church and dozens of its congregations.

When he launched his consulting practice, Joe Ramsay and Associates, Inc., Joe began using Glip to manage projects and to communicate and collaborate online with his fast-growing roster of clients. The app proved so valuable to his consulting practice that today Joe uses Glip for every project with every one of his clients, and he even quips that he makes using the platform one of the requirements of working with him.

“One of my rules for taking on a new client now is that they’re willing to use Glip.”

Joe Ramsay, Ordained Minister, Entrepreneur, Musician, and Consultant for the United Church of Canada

The challenge

How Joe went from managing a single project to managing every project with Glip

Joe Ramsay first used the Glip team messaging and collaboration app while working as the Manager of Ministry Personnel Policies and Programs for the United Church of Canada.

“I used it to manage just a single project to start with at the Church’s General Council Office,” Joe recalls. “This was years ago, and Glip hadn’t yet rolled out a lot of the features it has today. As Glip became more feature-rich, though, I started moving more of our communication and collaboration onto the platform.”

Then Joe became a consultant, offering a variety of leadership and organizational-development services to both churches and businesses.

“I was consulting for several congregations, covering a lot of geographical territory, so I turned to Glip again to help me run my practice and collaborate on complex projects with my clients,” Joe explains.

“I now use Glip for every project with every one of my clients,” Joe says. “Most organizations haven’t heard of Glip when I start working with them, and I enjoy introducing people to this great app. I’ve had to coax some clients onto Glip, but most of them are now using it widely across their organizations. I’d guess about 200 hundred people are on Glip today because they discovered it through working with me.” (Joe’s right.)

“Glip is so useful for collaboration, and my clients and I have gotten so much value from it. I won’t waste my time trying to collaborate any other way.”

Joe Ramsay, Ordained Minister, Entrepreneur, Musician, and Consultant for the United Church of Canada

The solution

How Joe discovered the many collaborative uses for Glip

Joe communicates and collaborates more efficiently with Glip.

When Joe begins a project with a client, he’ll set up the relevant Glip teams and conversations and start using the platform right away to collaborate and move the project forward.

“We use several of Glip’s features for just about every project,” he says. “We’ll use the text messaging tool for quick notes or to ask questions relating to the project and to keep an online record of these conversations so we can easily find the info later. We also use the file sharing and annotation features when we’re collaborating on documents and need to pass drafts back and forth.”

Another way Glip benefits Joe’s consulting practice is that because it makes communicating so efficient and convenient for both him and his clients, it has reduced the need for more traditional but less efficient means of communication. “Glip virtually eliminates my need to use email with clients,” Joe says, “and it reduces the number of in-person meetings required, which allows me to work with clients in more geographically distant areas.”

“I also get a lot of value from the video call feature in Glip,” Joe continues. “Sometimes I use it for scheduled client meetings, but other times we’ll decide in the middle of a text chat that it’d be better to continue the conversation face-to-face, so we’ll click the video chat button to start an impromptu video session immediately. It’s so easy.”

Joe’s RingCentral Meetings™ calls often lead to Glip collaboration.

Because Joe Ramsay and Associates offers educational services online, webinars, web-based training sessions, etc., Joe also has a RingCentral Meetings account for online video and audio conferences from Glip’s parent company, RingCentral.

“I’ll often use RingCentral Meetings to hold conference calls with new and existing clients,” Joe explains. “And what often happens is we have a great call where we decide how to move forward on a project. But then it’s time to start working—to draft a letter or to build a project plan. At that point, when we’re ready to begin collaborating and taking on tasks, we move over to Glip.”

As Joe Ramsay and Associates continues to grow, Glip scales with it.

“What’s really great about this app is that no matter how many clients I take on, no matter how complex our projects are, and no matter how many people there are at a given client that I have to collaborate with, Glip has been able to support me through it all.”

Joe Ramsay, Ordained Minister, Entrepreneur, Musician, and Consultant for the United Church of Canada

“I’m managing complex projects involving nearly 100 congregations, spread across hundreds of miles, and I can do it all through Glip.”

Joe Ramsay, Ordained Minister, Entrepreneur, Musician, and Consultant for the United Church of Canada

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