Motivated and checked out?
The paradoxical state of the American workforce. 

Disengagement in work does not mean motivation is low

New research on being your best self at work reveals even the most highly motivated employees report being disengaged at work, a seeming contradiction that reflects the intensity of today’s workflow as well as generational differences. 

American workers are clearly motivated

Good news! Almost all American workers feel driven in the workplace and are motivated at work (93%). More than half say they are very motivated, and 88% say they give their job their all. It’s great to hear that the vast majority of workers still have their eye on the job. 

But American workers are also checked out

Despite being highly motivated, virtually all workers “check out” every day for at least one hour, beyond lunch and other scheduled breaks.

Disengaging for over 60 minutes a day, when added up over the course of a year, is the equivalent of 6+ weeks. In other words, not starting the work year until Valentine's Day! 

No one is immune from disengaging at work

Twenty-eight percent of modern workers who say they are motivated at work admit to disengaging for over an hour a day. But getting distracted and detaching from work isn’t just a trend among junior and mid-level employees—a significant 22% of C-suite members and 34% of directors and managers tune out for more than one hour every day. 

The generational difference

Generation Z and Millennials are nearly twice as likely as their Generation X and Boomer counterparts to disengage at work for an hour or more. On the other hand, interestingly, this younger group feels largely no less motivated than any other age group to do their best at work.

Although this seems disheartening, it’s all about striking the right balance. As this research shows, a couple of short breaks throughout the day can play a vital role in boosting work performance. 

Looking to inspire greater workplace engagement?

Collaboration fuels motivation
Collaboration apps, like team messaging and video meetings, make it easier to keep teams on track. According to
RingCentral’s recent app overload report, workers find team messaging–centric platforms to be the least disruptive work activity and prefer a single platform for all their communications. 

Inspires Gen Z and Millennials
62% of workers aged 18–34 find team messaging and video meetings motivate them to try harder at work.  

Fosters friendships
Interestingly, having friends at work increases performance and retention, but workers without team messaging are twice as likely to have no friends at all at work.  

Maximizes productivity and teamwork
The ability to work remotely motivates 84% of workers to try harder, and workers with team messaging are 23% more likely to work when out of the office than those without a solution. 

Keep your team motivated and delivering their best work with RingCentral Glip™

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