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Team messaging with better file and screen sharing, video, tasks, and more.

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Superior team messaging

Create a team

Superior team messaging

Chat in real time anytime, anywhere, from any device. Connect with individuals, create teams, make remote workers feel local, and build stronger relationships with customers.

With Glip, you can create as many teams as you want, from one-on-one conversations to chat groups featuring your entire department or company. You can also send and receive as many messages as you want for free—and those messages will all be stored and searchable in your Glip workspace forever. Getting work done together has never been this easy, fast, or free.

Real-time file sharing and collaboration

Share file

Real-time file sharing
and collaboration

Need some feedback from your coworkers on a document, presentation, or other file you’re working on? Don’t start an email thread and try to keep track of all the responses or updated drafts. Instead, share your file with just the right people using Glip. They can even “pin” comments and suggestions to the file right in Glip—without changing the original version.

Keep all of your team's files in one place, where it is easy to review and archived forever. You can upload a file from your computer or from a cloud sharing app like Google Drive or Dropbox. It’s just one more way that Glip makes teamwork… work.

All-in-one task management

New task

All-in-one task management

One drawback of most team messaging apps is that when you realize you need to create a task for yourself or your team, you have to leave your messaging app and open a different tool for task management. Not with Glip!

You can create, assign, and track tasks right in your Glip workspace. Keep your projects on track by setting action items and timelines—all without leaving Glip. It’s never been this easy to assign and manage tasks across groups.

Start a video meeting in just one click

Video call

Start a video meeting in just one click

Sometimes when you’re in the middle of a team chat, the back-and-forth gets difficult to follow, especially if you’ve got several people contributing to the conversation and the topic is complex. For those times, it’s easier to get everyone talking face-to-face.

Glip conveniently offers built-in, one-click dialing capabilities for Office@Hand video calls. When you want to start a meeting with your team, you can fire up the video feature in just one click. Now there's no need to jump between apps or systems to get the job done.

Seamless integration


Seamless integration

Already using an online solution for your team’s other important tasks—like monitoring customer-support issues or code fixes, organizing company files in the cloud, or managing complex projects?

No problem! Glip integrates with all your favorite apps such as Google Drive, Box, and Jira. So you can stay up to date on important issues and notifications throughout the day—right from your Glip workspace.

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