6 ways to improve communication in the workplace for your teams 

Use RingCentral Glip™ to create effective communication in the workplace. 

1. Corporate

Create a read-only group for organizational communication.

As an organization grows, its departments and teams can fall into the silo trap—focusing only on their own tasks and losing sight of the company’s overall strategic goals and progress. This can cause employees to lose their sense of purpose at the business, and it can weaken company morale. 

Improving communication in the workplace

With the RingCentral app, you can keep all of your employees informed of the important things happening at the company. Just create a read-only “сorporate” team, where you can post key announcements or any updates that could impact the whole business. This way, you’ll always know everyone in your company is getting important updates at the same time. 

Post important information and files so they are easy to find.

Provide employees with an all-in-one space to catch up on recent news and updates.

Share content such as press releases, policy updates, benefit deadlines, and management changes.

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2. Departmental

Create departmental communication channels to reduce email clutter and speed decision making. 

What is effective team communication? 

Very few companies would say email. Email threads get deleted and lost. Plus, with so many messages gathering in their inbox, team members often find it difficult to remember which message contains the information they need.

Keys to effective communication in the workplace

The RingCentral app can help. Create a “departmental” team just for the people in your department, and you can put all relevant team conversations, questions, task updates, and files in a single place—where everyone on the team can easily find them. 

Post comments and statuses, share files and important documents, ask for input, and more. 

Create more effective workplace communication between managers and employees. 

Track tasks and maintain a shared calendar just for items related to your department.

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3. Cross-functional

Facilitate teamwork between departments working on important projects.

Most important business projects require collaboration among several departments. But if these departments are in different areas of the office—or different geographical locations—effective collaboration can be difficult. The question is, how can interdepartmental communication be improved? 

Effective communication in the workplace

With RingCentral Glip, you can create “cross-functional” teams just for the people working on a project. You’ll have a dedicated collaboration workspace to keep everyone updated, to ask questions, and to make sure everyone is on track with their tasks.

It’s a great way to enable open communication in the workplace, even across departments and locations. 

Create effective cross-functional collaboration by uniting team members across departments, offices, and the globe.

Post all communications, files, deadline dates, and resources to the group.

Eliminate endless email threads and give teammates in different time zones a place to scan conversations, get up to speed, and post contributions.

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4. Feedback 

Make feedback easier—because effective communication in the workplace is always two-way.

One of the most important types of communication in the workplace is feedback:

Trial-user feedback

Customer feedback

Employee feedback 

But few companies have a systematic and simple way of collecting and sharing this feedback. So it often gets scattered across emails, phone calls, face-to-face conversations, instant messages, and documents.  

With the RingCentral app, you can track, store, share, and review feedback on any project by creating a “feedback” team. This collaboration workspace gives relevant coworkers a single place to share feedback they’ve collected, offer their own, or find and analyze feedback contributed by the rest of the team.

Gather and post feedback from the group and take suggestions.

Post links or files to help people with the transition to a new product or process.

Answer questions and ease concerns about change. 

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5. Social committee 

Create fun groups to promote social activities and build morale at work.  

You can’t build a successful company culture around a philosophy of all work, all the time. You appreciate the importance of communication in the workplace, and you know that great teams work well together and give your company their best only when you also make work fun.

Use your RingCentral app to create a dedicated “social committee” team, where employees can come together to develop morale-boosting programs for the whole company.

Build workplace culture and camaraderie with groups that promote company activities or special interests. 

Promote company parties, rally people around a charitable cause, organize a happy hour, or create a team-building event. 

Create employee awards, and use this team to call for nominations and celebrate the winners.  

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Social committee
Ask the experts

6. Ask the experts 

Develop a workplace communication channel just to share internal expertise.  

One common frustration businesses face is the difficulty of centralizing in-house knowledge. Maybe one of your customer-support reps has a brilliant strategy for finding the answer to a customer’s problem, but the rest of the support team is struggling. Maybe a new person joined your marketing team, and you’re not sure where to send this newbie with technical questions about your products.

With the RingCentral app, you can provide effective communication in the workplace by setting up an “ask the experts” team for sharing knowledge across your company. Your support rep can share an updated manual with the answers a colleague needs. A group of engineers can provide fast answers to sales or marketing, saving them hours of digging through tech specs. It’s a great way to give everyone in the company easy access to the collective genius of the team’s in-house experts. 

Set up a technical or expert group for a direct way to ask multiple team members questions, allowing anyone to quickly chime in.

Post FAQs, guides, and resources in the group so people have ready access to the most important information.

Improve first-call resolution by providing internal teams with answers to tough support questions.

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